Maintenance of your Barbeque

Get some good advice and tips when looking after your barbecue. This article will detail what to do and what not to do in maintaining it.

When buying a barbecue think of your purchase as an asset to look after instead of it being just another cheap accessory to cook with, on the market you will find various types and models to choose from such as the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill and other Weber Grills which are all very different and will certainly suit your specific needs, so make sure you decide this before you start looking. However with whatever type you go for make sure it’s hard wearing and made of strong material which you can cook well on and it’s easy to clean, any barbecue which is cast iron will see you through many uses.

With a new barbecue it could be seen as an investment if you go for a more expensive model. For example if your going to be entertaining a lot a large Barbecue like the Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill would be what to go for but make sure you maintain it properly and clean it in a particular way if required. Some companies such as Weber will provide this advice as part of their customer service.

For general cleaning of a barbecue you can use common household products such as dish soap, spray cleaners, sponges, dishcloths and dry baking soda. Some other products which are also helpful are a brass wire grill brush and steel wool pads which contain soap.

When cleaning start by routinely brushing your grill with a wire brush, do this with all surfaces. In doing this you prevent any sort of buildup of residues. If this is left on your grates and other surfaces for any period of time it could prove tougher to remove and also cause rust.
To assist you in the cleaning process, prevent rust and to stop your food sticking when beginning to cook spray your grate with light spray cooking oil.
Baking soda is useful; this can be used either for cleaning or polishing. Lightly scrubbing a barbecue with baking soda will give it an extra shine. It can also be used on areas of buildup which might have not been removed by the wire brush. Aluminum foil can be used in the same way, by just gently rubbing the foil on the grates.
Your racks or grates should always be kept clean as this is where you’re food is cooked. Use dish soap to remove grease. Steel wool pads will be helpful for this if they have become extra dirty. Be sure to rinse and wash off residue from the cleaning products and dirt otherwise this will effect you’re food when cooking.

Problems with barbecuing can simply be put down to a lack of cleaning which can be dealt with quite easily if you put in the effort.

Another solution which will extend the life of your barbecue and guard it from the weather is to get a cover. They are available for most grillsBusiness Management Articles, some come with the barbeque and others are sold separately. If you get a cover then applying these cleaning and maintenance tips should be all you need.


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